A Bitcoin Scammer Tried To Blackmail A 86-Years Old Woman



A 86 years old woman received a blackmail scam where scammer claimed to have videos of her watching porn. The scammer claimed that he had installed spyware which allow him to access the webcam, which he used to record videos of of the 86 years old woman watching adult material. And demanded $1,400 in Bitcoin. This was reported on NBC Chicago TV Channel on Thursday.

The scammer sent a password of her as a proof that he had accessed her PC. Last April, Panera had a security breach that affected 37 million customers, Panera database was leaked online.

They told me I have very good taste in porn, so I thought that was nice!.

Said Arlene Kaganove

Kaganove reported this incident to the authorities that are currently investigating.

An example of a blackmail scam



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