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Applicature Partners with ETC Labs

Applicature, a blockchain development agency, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with ETC Labs, a blockchain platform, to facilitate blockchain-based projects on the ETC network and amplify competitive advantages for both parties.

The goal of the partnership is collaboration in the blockchain space to ensure onboarding of solid projects to the ETC ecosystem by providing instant feedback and support for maintaining a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Applicature is a thought leader in the blockchain niche, an EEA contributor, and a silver Oracle partner working on blockchain-based enterprise applications. With Applicature’s best practices and sustainable solutions, the ETC team will benefit from the opportunity to expand adoption and establish partnerships with top-notch players in the market.

“We are in the market phase where blockchain networks are working hard to find more economic use cases, and we are happy to collaborate with ETC Labs, seeking the best fit and maximizing outcomes in key niches,” noted Applicature CEO Ian Ihor Pidruchny.

Affiliation with ETC Labs will foster a solid entrepreneurial foundation for projects development on the ETC platform while establishing a partnership community based on business development.

“We are excited to partner with Applicature and further advance the growth, utilization, and adoption of Ethereum Classic for enterprise projects. We share the same vision of expanding uses of blockchain solutions for sustainable solutions through education, development and creative thought leadership, and we are excited to add Applicature to our growing list of global Studio partners,” stated Terry Culver, ETC Labs’ CEO.

About Applicature

Applicature is a blockchain development agency with headquarters in San Francisco, California and a development center in Ukraine. It offers full-cycle blockchain development and technical support for projects, and carries out research and customization of blockchain solutions. Applicature serves as a technical advisory to blockchain companies and as a technical consultancy for token offerings.

Official website:





About Ethereum Classic Labs

Ethereum Classic Labs’ mission is to advance the development, utilization, and adoption of the Ethereum Classic community, core technology, and ecosystem through ETC Labs Core and ETC Labs Accelerate. Supported by a core development team to create development tools, interoperability functionality and technology resources, ETC Labs Core provides blockchain developers the resources necessary to build socially impactful, decentralized applications that are vital to the traditional community core values. ETC Labs Accelerate is dedicated to providing financial assistance and mentorship programs to advance the creation, growth, and proliferation of Ethereum Classic solutions.

Scope of services:

1. Token build and crowdsale

2. Pre-crowdsale marketing and promotion

3. Post-crowdsale marketing and promotion





Applicature Team

Applicature is blockchain development agency. Our cohesive team works on projects in blockchain industry implying development of smart contacts; research, deployment, and customization of blockchain solutions; technical advisory to blockchain companies and technical consultancy on token offerings. If you have questions, you can contact Applicature team at

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