Ethereum, ChainLink And Waves Will Be Speaking At Web3 Summit

Alex Van de Sande (Ethereum Foundation), Sergey Nazarov, CEO & Co-Founder of ChainLink and Sasha Ivanov, CEO of Waves will be speaking at tomorrow’s Web3 Summit that will take place in Funkhaus, Berlin (19-21 August, 2019). Other crypto related Teams will be speaking include Filecoin, Polkadot, Dfinity, Tezos, Cosmos.

All Web3 summit’s tickets are sold out already, ticket prices range from EUR 199 all the way up to EUR 349. For the event’s agenda click here.

Alex Van de Sande will speak about Ethereum Universal Logins, which is a login system for DAPP funded through a grant from the Ethereum community fund. While Sergey Nazarov of ChainLink will speak about ChainLink’s upcoming features like the PreCoordinator Contract will reveal latest Chainlink’s updates.

Web3 Summit is an open and collaborative space where the community can create their own programming. Web3 Foundation invites a full line up of high quality speakers, while individuals, teams and projects use the rest of the space for workshops, presentations, AMA sessions – both intimate and large-scale, chilling, and most importantly, hacking. There will always be a large room dedicated to a hackerspace, where you can host a meetup or hackathon, whiteboard some ideas, present to other teams, and get real work done.

M. Ali

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