Major Cryptocurrency Twitter Accounts Got Hacked



Many popular cryptocurrency-related verified Twitter accounts got simultaneously compromised and tweeted an identical “CryptoForHealth” scam message. The hackers are shilling a scam-site to try and get individuals to send them Bitcoin.

Complete list of hacked accounts so far: – @cz_binance@AngeloBTC@SatoshiLite@bitcoin@justinsuntron@binance@coinbase@Tronfoundation@kucoincom@bitfinex@elonmusk@kucoincom

It’s unclear what entity hacked into the accounts or how they were able to gain access, though some Twitter comments suspect it may be a hack of Twitter’s application programming interface (API), a computing point of contact between two networks that allow certain interactions between the two.

Some twitter users claim that hackers got access to “Twitter Panel”, which is basically hacking one of the Twitter admins/employees. This gives direct admin access to accounts and allows individuals to chance e-mail & password.

Stay tuned for updates.



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