Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger Advocates for Decentralized Social Networks



During a recent CNBC interview, Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger Advocated for Decentralized Social Networks.

These networks would, for example, allow individuals to publish information online without going through a central organization, like a corporation. In the same way that bitcoin is a “decentralized” asset not subject to authorities like central banks, decentralized social networks would mean no single platform could control users’ data online. The idea has support among privacy advocates but has a long way to go before becoming mainstream.
A decentralized internet, a freer internet, that’s what led to the internet being created in the place.

Sanger is currently the CIO of Everipedia, a blockchain encyclopedia network which is known as The Blockchain Encyclopedia.

You may view Sanger’s personal website to learn more about his thoughts on the decentralized internet.



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