Cardano Blockchain Releases an Enhancement Update

Cardano blockchain has launched an update aimed at improving network communication, enhancing its uptime and stability, and overall resilience. The latest release, version v.1.35.6, introduces Dynamic peer-to-peer (P2P) networking functionality to the Cardano blockchain.

The latest release of node version v.1.35.6 brings an important upgrade to Cardano’s network performance, resilience, and decentralization through the implementation of Dynamic P2P networking. This functionality automates the peer selection process and simplifies the operation of relay and block-producing nodes by enabling enhanced communication between distributed nodes without the need for static configurations or manual SPO input.

With Dynamic P2P now built into the Cardano blockchain, the SPO community is encouraged to test the P2P functionality by updating one of their relays to use the P2P topology mode. IOG and CF teams, in collaboration with the SPO community, will be assessing network connectivity over the next few weeks to ensure a smooth rollout of Dynamic P2P.

This development marks a significant evolution for the Cardano network, and Dynamic P2P brings several features that enhance its functionality.

P2P optimizes the selection of peers to minimize the overall diffusion time in the network continuously and automatically. IOG research shows that a policy based purely on local information achieves a global outcome close to optimal. Peers that are least useful are periodically replaced by other randomly selected peers, resulting in a near-optimal global outcome within 24 hours.

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