John McAfee Launches a New Platform – McAfeeSwap

John McAfee has launched a new crypto platform McAfeeSwap, a decentralized one-stop shop to easily buy and sell cryptocurrency tokens. The platform works as an aggregator that checks the price on different DEXs (Decentralized Exchanges), to ensure users are getting the best price on trades.

In order to use the new platform, users will have to install any web3 enabled crypto wallet such as MetaMask for desktop or Trust for mobile.

A screenshot of McAfeeSwap

The new platform currently supports multiple DEXs and over 100 tokens such as Ethereum, BAT, DAI, Maker and others.

Last October, the former antivirus software tycoon’s John McAfee launched his first decentralized exchange McAfeeDEX, an exchange that dose not require any KYC verification from it’s users.

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