Elrond Partners With ChainLink



It seems that ChainLink is having a good day today with three different announcements. Just after Coinbase custody’s announcement about adding Link to it’s platform and Binance’s announcement about Adding Link to it’s margin trading platform, Elrond has announced it’s plan to integrate with ChainLink for its smart contracts which run on a state sharded architecture.

But it seems that the current BTC price dump has ruined it, as i don’t see the expected price spike for Link and ERD.

What is Elrond (ERD)?

Elrond is a secure public blockchain ecosystem that has been built on the “sharding mechanism” and is based on the Secure-Proof-of-Stake or SPoS consensus mechanism.

LINK USD price chart for the last 24 hours:

ERD USD price chart for the last 24 hours :



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