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Lisk Core 2.0.0 Goes Live

June G. Bauer



Lisk has released Lisk Core 2.0.0 to the mainnet with new features. Lisk has also changed it’s software license from GNU GPL v3.0 to Apache 2.0 which will add more flexibility to the use of Lisk software components. For the full list of the new changes, please check Lisk‘s blog.

What Is Lisk?

Lisk is a blockchain application platform used to build dApps. Lisk was founded in 2016 and back then it was the first blockchain to use JavaScript programming langue. Lisk has it’s own token LSK. Lisk is flexible and light-weighted developing envir5oinment just like ARK which is a fork of Lisk.

Lisk (LSK) USD Price in The Last 7 Days:

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Graviex Exchange Adds ARK Coin

Sying Tien




Cryptocurrency exchange Graviex announced that it just added Ark (ARK) to its platform starting Saturday, June 6th.

As of writing these lines, ARK wallets are now open for deposits, and users can trade ARK/BTC, ARK/ETH and ARK/USDT.

What is ARK coin?

ARK is an all-in-one blockchain solution that focuses on the interconnectedness of blockchains. Currently, Bitcoin and Ethereum are unable to transact with each other. The Ark team plans to change this through the use of Encoded Listeners and smartbridges. Ark is not just a cryptocurrency; it is an ecosystem intended to catalyze the mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

ARK uses what is called a Delegated-Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism that is made up of 51 delegates. The delegates, located all over the world, are supposed to run the ARK network and are rewarded with block rewards for doing so. Holders of ARK are able to allocate their coins and vote to any delegate of their choosing via a wallet. The delegate would then share their reward with those who voted for them. The more ARK coins you hold the more rewards you will receive.

ARK/USD price

ARK’s Official Links:
Twitter: @ArkEcosystem

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GHOST – a New Privacy Coin in Town

June G. Bauer



GHOST coin is a new Proof of Stake (POS) privacy cryptocurrency that focuses on anonymity and privacy. This project is founded John McAfee. Ghost transactions use a state of the art escrow pool to shield and erase the history of transactions.

GHOST coin will support staking and masternodes, where users can earn a share of the transaction fees (staking rewards) by just staking GHOST coins in their wallet or by hosting a GHOST maternode, Running a GHOST masternode requires 20,000 GHOST that will cost around USD 13k.

GHOST is a ERC20 token that will be swapped for GHOST main net coins on June 22nd at a 1:1 ratio. According to Etherscan, GHOST coin’s total supply is 13,573,415 coins and currently ho lded by 4,758 Eth addresses.

GHOST coin is currently traded at McAfeedex, HitBTC and IDEX Exchange.

WHACKD was John McAfee first cryptocurrency that was launched last November, it is an ERC20 token called “Epstein Did Not Kill Himself,” a coin that made fun of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

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Project Review: Pi Network, a New Scam Project in Town

M. Ali





Lately, we have been receiving a lot of spamming referral links to join a new cryptocurrency project called “Pi Network”. I have decided to give it a try and to check their official website and to install Pi Network App on an Android Emulator to test it out.

According to Pi Network official statement: Pi is a new digital currency. This app allows you to access and grow your Pi holdings and serves as wallet to host your digital assets. Pi is fairly distributed, eco-friendly and consumes minimal battery power.

At the time of writing, Pi Network has over 3.5+ million engaged pioneers (Mobile App miners), 28.5K followers on Twitter, 97K likes on Facebook and 128K followers on Instagram.

Pi Network’s website is suspicious

On first impression, PI network’s website looks poorly designed and contains some inaccurate technical information. They claim that PI network is “The First Digital Currency You Can Mine On Your Phone“, and that is not true. Some older legit crypto projects such as uPlexa (UPX) and Electroneum (ETN) are using Mobile Apps to mine crypto coins.

Pi Network’s Website

When you’re looking into digital cryptocurrency companies and startups, experts recommend that you confirm that they’re blockchain-powered, which means they track detailed transaction data. in our case Pi Networks’ website dose not contain a working Blockchain explorer link, no project announcements, no technical white paper and no links to a github page.

Statements like “Better than Bitcoin” and “The real Bitcoin” has been proven over and over again to be a classic scam and its sad that people still fall for it.

Pi Network’s mobile App is also suspicious!

Pi Network’s App on Google play has a lot of fake reviews and all written written by users who only does it to spam their referral links. Yet, the app is rated 4.9 stars and has more than one million active installs and over 43k reviews!.

Pi App

The App requires so many permissions

unlike any other crypto apps, the Android version of Pi Network app requires so many permissions. Installing Pi Network App on your phone will allow the app to access:

Device ID & call information:
read phone status and identity.
Storage & Photos/Media/Files:
read the contents of your USB storage
modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
read phone status and identity.
read your contacts
Wi-Fi connection information:
view Wi-Fi connections
receive data from Internet
run at startup
full network access
prevent device from sleeping
draw over other apps
view network connections
control vibration

Draw over other apps is incredibly dangerous, the app can easily steal passwords. It can present messages as if they’re from other apps or read those messages.

Invitation code is required in order to start using Pi Network App

Once you install the app, you will not be able to use it without a valid invitation code. This is a live example of pyramid schemes and click baiting scam projects which are “viral social applications” that lure people with the promise of profit by recruiting more members so they can increase their mining power.

When you start the app, you will be “mining” at the rate of 0.25 Pi per hour. You will need invite a lot of your friends to increase your mining power/hashrate. The more people sign up using your affiliate code the more mining power you will get.

You need to activate the miner (app) every 24 hours. Pretty unproductive and inconvenient I would say, though you get a notification reminder to turn the miner on.

After testing it for 24 hours, i can say The Pi Network app is not a real crypto miner. Its just an airdrop app that gives you a tiny piece of a massive, but unknown amount Pi per-mined coins.

Pi Network App security issues

PI Network app is sending network packets to a third party domains “” and “”, which is a weird behavior.

Quora user claims losing funds after using the App

Midas Tricone has claimed on a Quora post that he lost some funds from his banking account after installing and using Pi Network App

My final conclusion about PI Network

Pi Network is pyramid scheme scam project and has nothing to do with crypto mining. You must avoid it.

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